This Monday, New Jersey's Supreme Court expects to issue its decision about whether the state law that requires new drivers to place identifying red decals on their cars oversteps privacy laws.

Justices heard arguments in early May. Rockaway attorney Greg Trautmann challenged Kyleigh's law on the grounds that  forces people between ages 17 and 21 "to place decals on their vehicles identifying them as such" in violation of the federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act. That law forbids the display of information that identifies an individual.

Kyleigh's Law is crafted to help police enforce portions of New Jersey's graduated driver's license program, which places limits on the hours in which a teen can drive and the number of passengers permissible in a vehicle.


Critics contend that the decals serve as a signal flare for stalkers, perverts and thugs.

The law commemorates a 16-year-old Long Valley girl killed by a provisional driver in 2006.

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