The Bucket List was a very good movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as two terminally ill men who meet in the hospital and then go on this adventure to complete a list of things they want to do before they die.

It also brought added attention to what a “bucket list” is all about and you hear it used pretty often, mostly by those who are a bit older and start reflecting on the dreams they want to fulfill and life experiences they desire before leaving this earth.

I’ve never actually made a list because to be honest it’s one I will not even come close to checking off all the boxes on and it would likely be an exercise in futility.  However for the purpose of this segment and to keep things “light” I do have a sports bucket list which I was thinking about while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday.

By the way attending that game would be well down on my list of wants. It’s really not a game for football fans and I’d rather watch on television.

So here is my top ten sports bucket list of things I’d like to see in person:

  1. A college football national championship game that Penn State is playing in. This is a scenario that may never happen in my lifetime but if it does I would do just about anything to be there.
  2. The Masters. Augusta in April with those blooming flowers and all that green.  Cheap food, no cell phones, Amen Corner on Sunday. Man it would be awesome.
  3. The Kentucky Derby. I’ll wear a suit, drink mint juleps and try and look like I belong for two minutes of action.
  4. The NCAA Final Four. You get two games on Saturday and the championship game on Monday and an epic weekend.  Having at least decent seats is important when you’re in a big stadium.
  5. A Stanley Cup Final game involving the Rangers. It’s been 25 years since the last. Don’t know if I’ll be around if it’s another 25.
  6. Sit courtside at a Knicks game when they’re good.
  7. The Daytona 500. I’m not a racing fan but it’s a spectacle and a lot of beer drinking.
  8. A Packers game at Lambeau Field but not in cold weather. It’s historic.
  9. Somehow get in the student section for a Duke game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
  10. The Super Bowl. I guess it has to be on the list but it’s at the bottom.



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