After this week's doggy drama and yesterday's article, Sydney and I went to the vet this morning, and this is what she had to say...

In a nutshell - Sydney is old and picky.

Her weight is healthy and everything else looked good. They took some blood work just to be safe. But, for the most part, it just looks like in her old age she's just getting picky and possibly having a difficult time bending down to get her food.

So the vet suggested that I raise her bowl a little so she doesn't have to lean down quite as far for starters. She said that it might help to warm it up in the microwave so it smells more appealing. And she suggested meatballs.

That's right - she said that it might make the food more appealing for her to eat if I take her wet food, mix it with some dry food, and form it into meatballs for her to chew.

Yup, these are the things that we do for our dogs!

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