My dog has always been a really good eater. She doesn't wolf food down like some dogs do, and she'd usually eat when she wanted and leave the rest for later. But recently, she's gotten a lot more picky, to the point of it now being a concern.

Sydney isn't exactly young - in fact she's a senior, around 14 years old. And it's become obvious that she's not a puppy anymore. She's not as active as she used to be, she moves a little more slowly, and she's not able to hop up on the couch like she used to. But that's all to be expected of an aging dog.

Within the last few weeks though, the food situation has changed quite a bit. I switched her to canned food a couple of months ago. It seemed like she wasn't chewing her dry food, and would throw it up whole and unchewed. I started mixing canned food with soaked dry food, and she was more than happy to chow down on that.

I'd noticed her losing weight a number of weeks ago and brought her to the vet. The doc suggested that I add some cooked chicken to her food to make it more appealing to get her to eat more of it and to get her some more protein as well. She loved it. In fact, I had to take it away from her at first so she wouldn't wolf down the whole bowl in a single sitting.

But in the last week and a half to two weeks, she's gone off of that too. I started making her just chicken and rice, which she happily ate at first, but within the last two days, she's even started to turn her nose up at that.

If I sit with her and feed her the chicken, she'll eat it. But if I put it in her bowl, she mostly just sniffs it and walks away.

Of course I'm taking her to see the vet tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get some answers soon, and I'll keep you updated after our vet visit.

In the meantime, have you ever had problems with getting your dog to eat? If so, how did you solve the issue?

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