This is exciting news for New Jersey and for Monmouth County. According to a recent Patch article, the entertainment giant Netflix is going to set up a "massive" production studio in Eatontown.



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According to the Patch, "It's official: Netflix is coming to New Jersey, where the streaming giant will open one of their biggest film studios in the world at Fort Monmouth, a long-closed U.S. Army base in Monmouth County."

Governor Murphy is very excited about this project and was a driving force in prompting Netflix to make this move. The entertainment giant is paying $55 million for the land, which includes $3 million to relocate the FMERA offices, which currently sit on this location. In addition, the Patch reported, "In a 5 p.m. meeting Wednesday, the board members of the Fort Monmouth Economic Development Authority unanimously approved to sell 292 acres of the old Army base to the streaming giant."

This will bring new life to the former Fort Monmouth location which has sat dark for quite some time. Some 1,500 permanent production jobs will be coming to Monmouth County. "Netflix says it will open blocks of studio spaces, similar to old Hollywood, and said they will bring 1,500 permanent production jobs and more than 3,500 construction-related jobs. Netflix plans to build 12 state-of-the-art soundstages."
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This is very exciting news for the former Fort Monmouth location. Netflix said they "plan to invest $850 million into building the New Jersey film studio."

It will be interesting to watch the old Fort Monmouth transform into an east coast "Hollywood" will New Jersey be the east coast "Tinsel Town"?


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