A few days ago, I was relaxing on Belmar Beach enjoying a day off from work. The sun was shining, I was sitting alone, eyes closed, toes in the sand, I was loving local summer.

I forgot my headphones at home so I was unable to listen to music. Usually, that would put a damper on my beach-going experience but I did this thing called "eavesdropping". It's a fun thing to do sometimes... you do it too, right?!

I am a nosey local radio personality always looking for things to write and talk about. I might have had my eyes closed, It might have looked like I was sleeping in my beach chair, but I was eavesdropping on every conversation around me. Luckily, my phenomenal eavesdropping abilities helped me find the Jersey Shore's BEST grandma margarita pizza.

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To my left, there was a guy talking to a group of people about his fantasy football team. The guy's fantasy team stinks but that's doesn't matter for this article. To my right, there was a different guy talking to a group of people and he seemed very excited about starting his new job. It sounded like he was retired and he was happy to help a local restaurant as a delivery driver. He talked about the restaurant being on the border of Neptune/Neptune City and that he delivered a crazy amount of grandma margarita pizzas in one night. He said, "People go nuts over this grandma pie."

That's all the information I needed. Google does some incredible things.

Recently, I was able to try this grandma margarita pizza from Neptune. Yes... it's incredible. Sesame-seed crust! The seeds are even on the undercarriage of the pizza squares. The cheese is tasty and there is a perfect amount of sauce. I don't really know how to describe it but it's a Jersey Shore pizza you have to try!

A HUGE shoutout to John's Cracker Barrel in Neptune/ Neptune City. This place is so underrated and it deserves all the credit in the world. They are located at 1 South Riverside Drive in Neptune. Let me know what you think! - Jimmy G

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