I know many are excited over today’s solar eclipse and while it’s historic don’t expect to be surrounded by darkness in our area.

The eclipse will begin at 1:23 p.m. this afternoon and will peak at 2:46 p.m.  when the moon will block out about 71% of the sun. The astrological event will be over at 4:02pm.

Of course much of the talk surrounding the eclipse is directed at safety and despite numerous warnings you can be sure there are those who will try and view it without eclipse glasses which is not only stupid but dangerous. Sunglasses will not help and there is concern about those on area beaches today who will not follow the warnings.

Beaches throughout the Jersey Shore will likely be fairly crowded at the time of the eclipse and I’m sure a few people will look up and risk their eye sight.

I have never been a big “concert person” even when I was younger.  Sure I’ve been to my share over the years but it’s not something I do with any regularity.  When the lineup for this summer’s schedule at the PNC Bank Arts Center was announced my daughter Alex said we had to get tickets to see John Mayer, one of her favorites.

My wife likes him as well so there we were on Saturday night which was a perfect summer night for the venue.  We had a great tailgate before and were joined by Stephanie, Lisa and Renee who my wife had worked with.  We made our way to our seats and John Mayer took the stage at 8:45 and played for two-plus hours.

He was very good and I did enjoy the concert but not the fact that I stared at the back of a young woman in front of me who never sat down at any point.  I know it’s a sign of old age but I can enjoy music just as much while sitting and picking my spots when I feel the need to stand and sway.  The music was very good but the best part of the night was being with my favorite girls.

Another win or else game for the Holbrook Little League today at 3pm in Williamsport when the “Jackson 13” face a team from Rancho Santa Margarita, California.  Holbrook needs to win three straight games this week to advance to Saturday’s U.S. Championship game as with their next loss they will be eliminated.


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