We are just days away from the unofficial kick-off of Summer 2019 and of course, with that said... it's BBQ season!

We took a survey of listeners and wanted to see what are their favorite foods on the grill

  • Valerie ... "Variety of flavors, colors, and textures of foods.....and great company"
  • Joann ... "Watermelon"
  • Jen ... "My favorite thing at a bbq is a nice juicy cheeseburger topped with grilled onions and fresh pickles"
  • Kari ... "Bbq chicken, smoked ribs"
  • Susan ... "Family"

Personally, I must admit I enjoy grilled dogs on the BBQ. Yes a good burger or steak is delicious, but give me a good hot dog with all the fixins' and I'm a happy boy!

In our very un-scientific survey, burgers, chicken, and watermelon were the top responses from listeners when it comes to the Jersey Shore's favorite bbq foods.

What are your favorite BBQ foods for the Summer grill ?

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