One of the most heavily traveled roads in all of New Jersey, possibly the East Coast, is the iconic Garden State Parkway. I travel the Parkway every day going back and forth to work. My run is exit 58 to exit 81. Now before we get into “the most annoying things on the Garden State parkway” I do wanna say for the most part of like the ride. Yes the tolls keep increasing, but its a smooth ride and it saves time without all the stopping and starting you find on local roads. Snow removal is good, it’s clean and it has gas, restrooms, and coffee if you need it. However this article is to talk about pet peeves and to let you sound off and share what makes you yell inside your car, hopefully not something you do often.

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For me there are two things that really gets me and one may be no one’s fault at all. Have you ever driven the Parkway and enjoyed your ride only to be startled when a stray stone hits your windshield? It’s the worst, especially if it damages your windshield. I have had numerous occasions when this happens and there’s nothing you can do, whoever threw the stone doesn’t even know they did, but its so annoying. Obviously something that happens more on roads like the Parkway when you are traveling at higher speeds.

The other thing that’s annoying to me on the Parkway is tailgaters. There are several lanes on the Parkway so go around if you have a need for speed. I stay out of far left so those with a heavy foot may do their thing, but if I’m in the middle and you don’t like 75 mph then go around me. I won’t do 80 so why risk and accident riding my bumper, go around. MY cruise control is set at 75, period.

So there are my two pet peeves and now I want to share YOURS. Personally I like getting your comments, I am not here to pontificate, maybe a little, to you. I enjoy seeing what YOU at home have to say, you are part of our radio family and we look out for each other.

  • Amy: People driving 90 mph acting like that is the speed limit
  • Jan: Tolls
  • Nikki: Troopers
  • Dawn: One too many things
  • Richard: Ones that drive in the left lane doing 50 on their phone and most annoying is the New York drivers.
  • Linda: New York drivers
  • Dina: Slow drivers in the left lane, the right lane has quickly become the new left lane.
  • Pamela: Cars
  • Michael: NY and PA drivers. They don’t know how to drive for sh@*
  • Carol: Lane changers. The ones who run up on your bumper.


Thanks to your reply’s and glad we could share just some of the many thoughts you sent me. Great having our open conversations on life here at the Jersey Shore.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


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