Valentine's Day is the next holiday, if you call it a holiday. It's all about a date night.

My husband and I love Valentine's Day, but we will most likely be getting our favorite Chinese and stay in and watch a movie. That's our "big" date night.

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You might have that perfect date night spot, if you don't this one looks amazing here at the Jersey Shore. New Jersey has so many perfect, romantic restaurants that will make your night perfect. And, living in New Jersey we have so many selections to choose from - sushi, seafood, cocktail bars, and so many more.

This Jersey Shore Restaurant is the perfect date night with your someone special.

According to, this one restaurant made the list as one of the best date night restaurants in New Jersey.

Reyla in Asbury Park has made the list as one of the best.

Reyla, Asbury Park (Facebook Page)
Reyla, Asbury Park (Facebook Page)

A little bit about this romantic spot. If you have a mouthwatering for flavors of the Middle East and Thursday nights at this restaurant are date nights. Guests that come to the restaurant that includes five courses and a bottle of wine for $90. An amazing way to spend a night together with someone you love.

Several of my friends have been to Reyla in Asbury and they loved the atmosphere of this restaurant and they said the food was so delicious. Maybe, a perfect date night for Valentine's Day in New Jersey.

Reyla is located at 603 Mattison Ave in Asbury.

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