Someone put a plethora of containers filled with an unknown type of liquid as well as rags and then a fire occurred.

Jackson Township Police are not only looking for who set up the arrangement but have also announced they are looking for anyone who saw what happened, who did it, who saw any kind of suspicious activity.

It was around 12:33 am on Thursday morning that Jackson Police responded to the Pineview Apartments on West County Line Road in the township along with firefighters, all on the scene for a blaze that looked every bit suspicious.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they went to a stairwell at Building C within the confines of the Pineview Apartments complex and saw that's where the fire was but had been extinguished prior to their arrival.

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Police said that the containers, filled with an unknown liquid, that had rags stuffed in the top of each one of them -- were spotted outside one specific apartment in the complex.

Suddenly, after whoever put those containers with the rags in them outside of that apartment, one had been ignited and as the flames grew, the noise and smoke emanating from the blaze woke up the neighbors, some of which were able to put out the small fire.

If you saw what happened, or have any information on the fire, you're being asked to contact Jackson Police Detective Anthony Riso at 732-928-1111.

While this fire was small, there have been fires that took extra amounts of effort to put out.

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