Police in Jackson Township is investigating a vehicle theft and a home burglary that occurred at the same address on Tuesday morning.

As it turned out, there were two vehicle thefts being investigated in the township.

Jackson Police said that Closter Township Police up in Bergen County reached out to them around 8:45 am saying that there was a green 2022 BMW M4 stolen and the owner of the vehicle had tracked it to Jackson.

Police in this Ocean County town then investigated the report and searched for the vehicle they learned was reported to be near Woodstock Court and Huntington Drive.

When officers got there though, there was no vehicle.

The investigation continued though and as it did, police received another call about 11-minutes later where they learned that a 2020 Audi Q8 -- worth about $80,000 -- was stolen from outside of a residence on Bridgewater Court near Brewers Bridge Road.

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Police then went to Bridgewater Court and spoke with a neighbor who told them that they saw the green BMW, which officers started the morning looking for, casually driving through their neighborhood before stopping at their neighbor's house.

The suspects entered the woman's open garage, went into the home via an unlocked interior door, and made their way into the kitchen, according to police.

Once inside, the suspects tossed through kitchen drawers and then left stealing the homeowner's purse which had her wallet, credit cards, cash, and a debit card inside of it.

The suspects then stole the key fob for the Audi Q8 and drove off in it, along with the stolen BMW.

Jackson Police said that the BMW was later found and recovered in Newark, however, the Audi Q8 has not yet been found.

If you have any information to help Jackson Police, call police headquarters at 732-928-1111.

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