Here's something we know all too well - New Jersey gets a lot of crap.

We've all heard those same old tired jokes where "He was from New Jersey" is the punchline. Har Har.

We can list the New Jersey stereotypes that are just plain ridiculous. Like the whole state smells like sewage, we have no clue how to pump our own gas, we're all Italian, we all have the same Joe Pesci-esque "Joisey" accent. And the classic - we all look like "The Jersey Shore" cast.

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As much as we might hate to admit it though, there are some New Jersey stereotypes that actually hit the nail right on the head. And we can acknowledge that! Hell - we may even be proud of some of them.

So which New Jersey stereotypes do you think are actually true? Do we have a funny way of talking? Are we particular when it comes to certain foods? Are we even nice people??We took your input on our Facebook page, and answers came rolling in!

Credit: Austyn
Credit: Austyn

Here's the verdict, straight from New Jerseyans! Let's take a look!

Here Are 11 New Jersey Stereotypes That Are Actually True

We have to admit...these stereotypes are right!

Anything missing on this list? Chime in in the comments!

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