The weather is finally getting warm and so many people are just ready to hang outside and enjoy the start of the summer weather. It’s the perfect time to get your friends together and plan that TikTok-worthy picnic you’ve been promising yourself you’d have as soon as the weather got warmer.

If that involves hitting up your local dispensary beforehand to grab something to take the edge off before relaxing on your beach or park picnic, there’s one question you have to get the answer to first.

 Can you actually smoke weed in public in New Jersey? The answer is a little more complicated than just yes or no, so let’s break it down.

Can You Smoke Weed in Public Areas in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s state site states that marijuana can be consumed on private property or in dispensaries licensed and zoned for onsite consumption. There are plenty of public areas that do ban smoking in New Jersey, which means it’s actually illegal to smoke, vape, or even eat marijuana products in that specific area.

Can You Smoke On New Jersey Beaches or in New Jersey Parks?


Unless there is a marked smoking area in either a park, beach, or on the boardwalk in New Jersey, smoking vaping or even eating weed products are illegal and you could risk getting fined.

Is There A Fine For Smoking Weed in Public Areas in New Jersey?


Since it’s illegal to smoke in public areas that are not deemed “smoking areas”, The Smoke-Free Air Act states that if you are found smoking weed or even tobacco products in a smoke-free environment, you could face up to a $250 fine for a first offense, $500 fine for a second and a $1,000 for third and subsequent violations, according to

Long story short, you can really only use cannabis products in private areas like in your home or on your property. There are strict rules in place thst prevent users from partaking in public spaces throughout the state.

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