I always knew how cool New Jersey is, but this is pretty neat.

If you decide to take a "coastal" road trip from North Jersey to the Jersey Shore, Seaside Heights - there are some amazing, cool stops along the way.

antonbelo, getty images
antonbelo, getty images

We live here at the Jersey Shore, so reverse this cool road trip to leave from Ocean or Monmouth County.

When I take a road trip, the coastal road trip is the way to go.

Thanks to onlyinyourstate.com, these awesome stops along the way, to stop and check out or grab a snack, and stretch those legs. This road trip is from North Jersey to Seaside Heights.

So, this article takes us from North Brunswick, through Central Jersey, to the Jersey Shore and Seaside Heights. Sounds like a fun road trip. There are less than 70 miles to do this road trip. From the food to family-fun attractions, and so much more.

There are a couple of boardwalks you can stroll along, grab an ice cream cone or a sweet treat, and some fun miniature golf. It's a road trip for all ages and the kids will love it, also.

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There is so much to see in the Garden State, although a small state, we have a lot of fun. Just heading to the shore from North Jersey, hang your head out the window of your car and smell the salt air. There are many different stops along the way on this great coastal road trip, so many stops you could add, too.

I love these 9 stops for this great road trip.

9 Amazing Stops on a Road Trip from North Jersey to the Jersey Shore

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