The Navy's most-decorated battleship, Battleship New Jersey, which was moved from Camden Waterfront to receive repairs, is finally scheduled to return home. 

Back on March 21st, the USS New Jersey (BB-62) sailed off to the Philadelphia Naval Yard to be dry-docked, leaving the Camden side of the Delaware River for the first time in more than 20 years.

Why the Naval Yard? Battleship NJ needed a slip roughly the size of two football fields to accommodate repairs, according to

Why Was Battleship New Jersey Moved to Philadelphia?

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In order to preserve the vessel, the time had come for Battleship New Jersey to undergo some repairs and get a fresh coat of paint. Marshall Spevak, of Cherry Hill, who was reportedly overseeing the battleship's maintenance, said the improvements were long overdue.

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The restoration of Battleship New Jersey was expected to take around two months to complete and return to Camden Waterfront by Memorial Day Weekend, but the project took a little longer.

Famed Battleship New Jersey Sets Return Date to Camden, NJ Waterfront

Battleship New Jersey in Camden NJ
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Now, however, a return date has been scheduled and it's slated to be accompanied by a big 'Welcome Home' celebration, according to

The vessel reportedly has one stop to make before settling back into Camden, New Jersey waters. About a week before its return to Camden Waterfront, the battleship will stop at in the Paulsboro Marine Terminal to have a few upgrades made to its ballast.

Then, Battleship N.J. will officially sail back to Camden Waterfront on Thursday, June 20th where it will dock around 1:20 p.m.

USS New Jersey's return party will commence at 11 a.m. on June 20th. It's only a $10 donation to attend and there will reportedly be refreshments available, live music, and games.

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