What's The Deal With Mustard Pizza?

So these are two words that I don't feel go together, mustard and pizza! But what do I know it may just be a fantastic combination. I'm game I'd try it so I can judge for myself. A recent article from NJ.com discussed how a Monmouth County pizzeria has made this intriguing recipe a cornerstone of their pizza menu.


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The pizzeria is a relatively new restaurant "Panko Pizza" in Middletown, Monmouth County. According to NJ.com, "Despite its youth, the Central Jersey shop is paying homage to a century-old pizzeria by serving one of the more unique pies you’ll find in this pizza-obsessed state. While Panko Pizza’s signature feature is a layer of panko breadcrumbs at the bottom of the pie for added crunch, they’re adding an ingredient even more obscure atop the pizza: mustard."



It turns out that the "mustard pie" is a tribute to a pizzeria in Robbinsville, Papa's Tomato Pies, "which has been open for more than 111 years — owner Nick Azzaro claims it is the oldest continuously running pizzeria in the country to be owned by the same family." 

According to Francis Panko, owner of Panko Pizza, "The brown mustard spread below the cheese and sauce is apparent, meant to be seen and smelled. A spicy kick hits your nose before you even taste the pie, and one bite confirms its presence. Garcia says he uses even more mustard than Papa’s, but it still strikes a nice balance with the sweet sauce. Just like Papa’s, the ketchup-and-mustard sensation from a cheeseburger is somehow achieved on a slice of pizza."

So what do you think about "mustard pizza"? Have you had it? Would You try it? Post your comments below.


devourpower and panko pizza via instagram


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