AI is coming to a grocery store near you. Grocery delivery company Instacart is partnering with two New Jersey ShopRites to roll out its new smart shopping carts.

NJ ShopRite Rolls Out AI-Powered Shopping Carts

A second New Jersey ShopRite is testing a new AI-powered smart grocery cart that manufacturers say will revolutionize the grocery-shopping experience.

ShopRite of Brookdale is now offering Caper Carts which allow you to scan items directly off the shelves as you put them in your shopping cart.

The new cart system scans groceries, gives you shopping recommendations, and allows checkout directly from the cart, according to

ShopRite first introduced smart carts in its Spotswood, NJ in 2022. No plans have been announced yet for the smart carts in South Jersey ShopRites.

Customers Favorite Feature on New AI Shopping Carts

Instacart says the Caper Carts AI technology also gives customers many other features on a 10-inch tablet screen built into the top basket of the shopping cart.

The grocery store can serve customers with personalized ads for items as they pass them in each aisle, scan their items directly in the cart, weigh produce, and give them access to promotions and savings while they shop.

However, customers overwhelmingly say their favorite feature of the carts is seeing the running total of the items in their cart.

"The vast majority of shoppers are shopping on a budget," David McIntosh, Instacart’s vice president told FOX Business. "Nobody wants to get to the checkout lane and have to put items back because you go over budget."

What's in the Future of Grocery Cart Technology?

As bricks-and-mortar grocery stores look for ways to integrate digital elements into the shopping experience and boost sales, Instacart says the company envisions a time when the carts will recognize your shopping habits and recommend products or recipes based on your preferences or dietary restrictions.

If all this technology scares you a little, ShopRite is still offering the option of traditional shopping carts -- bad wheels, and all.

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