The power going out when I was a kid meant it was time to play one game and one game only: the dark game.

You start by turning off all the lights in the house; every single one.

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Every player gets their own flashlight and then begins a game that I would describe as a mix between hide-and-go-seek and tag.

If you're it, you are searching for others to "tag" by shining your flashlight on them.

If you're not it, be quiet and hide.

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It was one of the most intense games my sisters and I played.

But now that I am an adult, I get how big of a pain in the butt a power outage can be.

According to, there were massive power outages throughout Monmouth County Monday morning with over 27,000 JCP&L customers in the cold.

"The county's most populous municipality - Middletown- had more than 3,700 outages. About 40% of Wall and 25% of Shrewsbury were also affected."

power outage

Work is being done in Monmouth County to avoid this type of outage ever happening again. Wires and other hardware will be replaced to improve its infrastructure.

When massive outages like this happen, having information at your fingertips is one of the best tools at your disposal. actually debuted a few interactive maps and graphs that show the number of current outages, which companies the outages fall under and the number of outages over time.

These maps allow you to zoom in and out so you can get information on your town or even the entire state.


If your power goes out, it is important to know if it is just your home, a few houses on your block, or your whole neighborhood.

Each of the scenarios listed above would be handled differently so bookmark THIS PAGE. 

Hopefully having these maps on hand will help you in the future.

Then again, you can have your people handle these types of issues if you win the Powerball!

Here's a little tip:

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