recently put out a list 50 best places to live in the United States. Two towns in New Jersey made it on the list, according to And one of them is in the top 20.

We have so many awesome, beautiful towns here at the Shore. Just to name a few, Ship Bottom, Toms River, Pt. Pleasant Beach, Seaside Park, Brick, I could go on and on. considered towns with populations of 25,000 or more. They removed the places that had more than double the national crime risk and the medical income level lower than 85% of its state's median. Economy, the housing market, cost of living, diversity, public education health and safety, and weather and lifestyle were all considered in building the list, according to

Here are the Top 5 Best Towns in the US, according to

#1 - Evans, Georgia

#2 - Parker, Colorado

#3 - Meridian, Idaho

#4 - Rockwall, Texas

#5 - Columbia, Maryland

There are two towns that made the list from New Jersey. But in the top 20, there is one New Jersey town that made the list. Congratulations to Mount Laurel sitting at number 16 as one of the best towns in America and Bridgewater at number 31.

Mount Laurel is a beautiful spot in New Jersey. It has a lot to offer, but I still don't think it comes close to our Ocean County towns, especially our cozy beach towns.

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Have you ever been to one of the top 5 towns? I've been to Columbia,'s cute, but nothing like one of our adorable Jersey Shore Towns. Give me Seaside Park any day over Columbia, MD.

What New Jersey town should've made the tops list?

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