So do you still use checks? Or even have a checkbook?

I know that I still write one check a month to NJNG to pay my gas bill, rather than doing it online.

Each month I'll write out one check to pay my gas bill, pop it in the mail at the Seaside Heights Post Office, and be on my way.

But apparently, mailing a check is no longer something the Post Office is recommending you do.

New Jersey Should No Longer Be Put Checks In The Mail

So here's the deal, the Post Office won't bar you from mailing a check, again I still write a check and mail it each month to pay off my gas bill.

can you mail a check in new jersey
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The post office, though, recommends that you don't put checks in the mail to pay your bill.

According to AARP, the main reason for this is to try and prevent fraud.

Can we do anything without the risk of froad, or being scammed anymore? It doesn't seem like it.

Apparently, in the past year cases of fraud from mailed checks have increased to 680,000 separate cases!

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Somehow people are able to fish through the mail before it's sent out, looking for money, checks, and other sensitive information.

AARP reports that sending money using other methods is the easiest way to prevent fraud.

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Rather than a check in the mail, pay your bills online or use money transfer apps like Zelle.

What's even crazier is that in New Jersey there are some things that you are actually banned from bringing into the state!

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