I've parked in places I probably shouldn't have. And, I got several tickets, too.

There is nothing worse than a great day of shopping or dinner out and coming back to your car and a ticket is on the windshield.

There are places where you should never park in the Garden State. The majority of parking tickets come from pedestrian safety zones and cross walks, according to medium.com. To avoid fines in New Jersey, traffic ticket attorneys say staying away from parking less than 20 feet from the end of the safety zone.


aijohn784, getty images, canva
aijohn784, getty images, canva

Where are 5 places New Jerseyans are banned from parking?

*Do not park close to fire hydrants.

*Do not park on overpasses (bridges, tunnels, etc.)

*Double parking is prohibited on New Jersey roads.

*Do not park in pedestrian safety zones and crosswalks.

*Do not park near a construction zone.

I'm not sure if I knew about the construction on our streets. Especially across from a construction site, I had no idea. The reason for the no parking while construction is being done is that it might cause traffic to slow down and your car may pose a hazard to the other cars trying to get by on the road.

Some of these parking places that are banned totally make sense. The double parking, that would definitely cause issues for oncoming traffic on our busy New Jersey roads.

Parking tickets in New Jersey are high and range in different prices for the different parking places that are prohibited.

Just make sure to check local ordinances where you might live or work, according to medium.com. The local laws are what we really have to look out for. Check out signage around you and other parking regulations.

If you have any questions you can check with your local police department or seek legal advice if you need.

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