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It has been a very tough six months on the education system here in the United States and especially here in New Jersey. The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the education system and possible forever. The idea of the traditional classroom has been changed and with that so is the workforce....teachers.

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We are seeing a new school year which will start with a lot of questions and a format which will find some kids in school some remote and some doing both, question is will there be a need for as many teachers?


According to the website zippia.com  New Jersey has fired the second most teachers "education workers" in America. The Garden State is second only to Delaware in the percentage of teachers that have been cut.

Of course when we talk about "education workers" it is more than teachers, it includes  teachers, janitors, support staff, and other faculty positions who will also be put at risk.

In June 2019 there were 716,700 education workers in New Jersey. In June 2020 there were  636,200 ... a decrease of 80,500 positions. That's a decrease of 11.2%

Here are the top 10 State's in Education Job Terminations

  1. Delaware
  2. New Jersey
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Michigan
  5. Nevada
  6. Maryland
  7. Maine
  8. New York
  9. Alaska
  10. Virginia

So if you are employed in the education field here in New Jersey are you worried about your future as we see more remote and home schooling becoming the "norm" and you have to wonder what is the future for the "traditional" classroom not only in New Jersey but throughout the world.

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