Kimberlykv, flickr
Kimberlykv, flickr

Now, you're probably thinking...Is this important to me?  Well maybe not, but I grew up on these things and it just brings back memories of being in my Nana's kitchen eating them with my aunt Jane at least 3 times a week. 

Flufflernutter is a delicacy made with bread, marshmallow fluff, and peanut butter.

Celebrate by enjoying some fluffernutter today!

Fluffernutter Sandwich Facts:

… that a Fluffernutteris a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow crème. Its name comes from the common use of "Marshmallow Fluff" brand marshmallow crème?

that it is particularly popular in the Northeastern United States and has been proposed as the official Massachusetts state sandwich?

that a Fluffernutter Sandwich is made by spreading peanut butter on a slice of white bread, then spreading an equal amount of some kind of marshmallow on another slice, and finally combining them together to form a sandwich?

... that variations of the recipe include wheat bread instead of white, and the addition of bananas, honey, or other ingredients that are compatible with peanut butter?

Do you enjoy eating Fluffernutter?



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