Temperatures hit 90 today, they're expected to push into the 90s tomorrow, and we still have over a full calendar month to go before fall begins, but that hasn't stopped pumpkin spice aficionados from celebrating as the flavor of fall officially rolled out today.

Dunkin' Donuts began pouring the pumpkin today, and Starbucks is right behind as fall fanatics flocked in to fill their faces with the seasonal flavor.

Dunkin' rolled out their full pumpkin spice menu today, Wednesday, August 21st, and Starbucks is right behind them, with their signature pumpkin spice lattes (or, if you're cool I guess, simply "PSL") starting to pour next Tuesday, August 27th.

Amazingly, this isn't even the first signs of fall for 2019, Halloween candy started showing up on local store shelves 3 weeks ago.

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