Have you ever taken a moment to consider some of the changes that have resulted in our post-pandemic world?  We dealt with isolation and very much solo lifestyles to getting back to a somewhat normal lifestyle.  However today’s normal is in many cases quite different from pre-pandemic times.  Here are some examples:


This may be the most drastic change.  For those who did not lose their jobs the pandemic meant working virtually in many if not most cases.  While it was difficult for some professions like teaching it was very much welcome by others.

No commuting, no getting dressed up, no buying lunch…many were able to combine work with childcare to save money.  When it was time to return to the office it was more of a hybrid plan with some able to work from home 2-3 days a week.  It certainly appears the changes in the work environment are here to stay.


Restaurants that survived during the pandemic did so because their take-out business boomed.  That trend is continuing as visits to restaurants nationwide are down but take-out and drive-thru is way up.  Many want to eat at home but prefer not to do the cooking.


So you could not go to the movies for quite a while but studios brought the movies to us on various streaming platforms and we liked watching them in the comfort of our own homes.  Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV and more produce their own content and you don’t have to shell out money for snacks.  My wife and I were movie regulars and I have not been back since the pandemic.

There are many other lifestyle categories that have changed.  More and more are using telehealth for minor illnesses, many individuals and families have added pets to their home, in-person shopping is making a comeback but not at malls, bars and restaurants close earlier and we seem to spend more time on ourselves.

Are all these changes short or long term?  Only time will tell.

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