As Halloween quickly approaches, a lot of people are getting into the spirit, both figuratively and literally, and the Ocean County Paranormal crew is looking for new places to investigate!

We've investigated everything from iconic historic locations like Asbury Park's Paramount Theatre to our very own WOBM office. Now, we want you to tell us where we should go next!

Maybe you live in a house where footsteps cross empty hallways, an office where there are more than just employees and customers in the corridors, or maybe you have access to a historic site that is just brimming with unexplained activity.

Whatever the case may be, we want to hear about it and our team could come out with our state of the art equipment to give the place a good run through to try to find out what's going on!

Just fill out the form below and give us a good summary of what's up and we'll pick a few to dive deeper into the mystery with!


Up Next - Here's what we found on our investigation of the WOBM office:

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