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President Trump this week deemed churches/religious institutions as “essential” making way for church services to resume.

Governor’s from some states feel the White House doesn’t have jurisdiction in states and are downplaying the announcement.


So the question remains.....is it time to re-open churches? My reaction is yes. Now with that being said .... I think it ok to NOT open as well. If YOU feel comfortable going to church, go! We may need our religious families more now then ever before. If it gives to strength and you feel comfortable then as an adult, you make your decision.

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Once again with that being said, I do believe if you go to church you definitely need to practice social distancing and responsibility. Not just for you, but for the benefit of others. Six feet and mask. Also if you don’t feel well ..... DO NOT GO TO CHURCH.

Growing up Catholic  I would always get anxious as a child when it was time to offer a “sign of peace” (shake hands) so now it may make for less anxiety not having to do this in the future lol

In fact I have decided for me I won’t be shaking hands in the future. It seems “hands” are ground zero .... so why tempt fate. Besides ever shake a “wet” hand? Disgusting!

Freedom of choice is a great part of being American, but the ability to act responsively is something we must not ignore.

Check with your Church to see when or if they are re-opening.

Maybe you agree with me, maybe not .... but as we move forward we all have choices and responsibilities....

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:






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