This is certainly not a fun subject but something we all want to know. Is it legal to bury your deceased pet in your yard in New Jersey.

Losing a pet is brutal. You just don’t want to let them go.  If we are being honest with ourselves, when we choose to bring our deceased home from the vet and we create a make-shift memorial it is more for us than them.

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However, that can go very wrong and there are some reasons why you really should not do it.  But is it legal?

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gurinalesandr, getty stock, thinkstock

Is it legal to bury a deceased pet in my yard in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, home burial is allowed but you have to ensure your pet is buried at least 2 feet under

Three main reasons why burying your pet can go really wrong:

#1 - It Can Be Dug Up By Wild Animals

#2 - Flooding Can Erode Your Memorial

#3- You May Move

How much does it cost to bury your pet in a pet cemetery?  It could be up to $5,000.  That’s insane if you ask me. The option my family always went with was cremation but leaving those ashes with the vet for their processing.

It's so sad when we know it's time for a pet to reach the rainbow bridge. It is so, so sad. I always think when one of my doggies die, did I give him or her enough bones and enough treats. Were they happy in our home? I hope so.

They know how much we love them!

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