Earlier this week I mentioned those cute TV spots showing gal pals having fun in an antique store.  I've shared many giggles with girlfriends over the years, going shopping together at various stores.

But now things get serious.  It's holiday time!  As much as I love to stroll and laugh and spend time with my friends, I get very focused on getting my Christmas shopping done.  And that usually means I go solo.  No offense to anyone but when time is limited, I want to shop efficiently.  Maybe it's a stress thing.  I generally don't enjoy holiday shopping because of the crowds and the hard deadline.  What if I don't find the perfect gifts in time?

My point is, from now until Christmas, I'm on a mission to get MY shopping done.  I don't want to worry about what YOUR relatives would like when I can't even find stuff for MY loved ones.  That sounded harsher than I intended.

I guess what I'm curious about is, do you like bringing friends of family members with you when you're shopping?  Or do you prefer to be alone?

No matter what your approach, I hope it's a successful low-stress shopping season for you.

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