When I was first learning to write as a kid, classrooms all had two charts above the chalkboard - one of each capital and lowercase letter in the alphabet, and another of the same, but in cursive script. But now that laptops, smartphones, and tablets are nearly ubiquitous, cursive may be a thing of the past.

Yahoo News reports that a number of school districts across the country have already eliminated teaching cursive from their schools, and today Kansas is due to decide whether typing skills should take the place of teaching penmanship.

Both of my parents write in cursive when they put pen to paper, but I never took up the practice (although, in my defense, writing has never been a great ability of mine thanks to my questionable fine motor skills). But today, handwriting is very quickly becoming a thing of the past. Even in offices, many companies have gone paperless, with most forms being electronic.

The Simpsons even tackled this very topic this past weekend (so it must be timely and important!).

Do you still practice penmanship? Do you think kids should still be taught cursive in school? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!