When it comes to history here in the United States, New Jersey usually has a hand in it. As one of the original colonies, New Jersey is a part of the nation's history and when it comes to education, there's no surprise we have deep history here in the Garden State.


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Personally, I went to a high school here in New Jersey that was not quite the oldest but was a fantastic school nonetheless. I graduated from Southern Regional High School in Stafford Township, New Jersey. Southern Regional opened its doors in Manahawkin in September of 1957, making it 65 years old now. This is compared to our state's oldest high school which is now 208 years old.

By the way, Southern Regional High School has seen many changes over its 65 years and is the largest high school (student population) in Ocean County. Nearly 2,000 students. That's a lot of little Rams :)



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According to a recent article by Family Minded, One of the nation's oldest high schools is right here in New Jersey located in Essex County. Opening in 1814, Columbia High School is noted as Jersey's oldest high school, nearly 208 years ago.

"Located in Maplewood, New Jersey, Columbia High School is not only the oldest school in New Jersey but the 17th oldest school in the country. Best known for being the first public school to embrace Earth Day, the all-day observance is still in practice to this day by way of scientist speakers, seminars and environmental-themed folk songs."

How old is your high school? the oldest in Ocean County is Toms River High School (South) which opened its current site in 1951 but graduated its first class in 1891.


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