A new law in New Jersey, will make it easier for young girls to obtain feminine hygiene products from their schools free of charge.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill Wednesday that will require New Jersey schools to offer girls in grades six through twelve, items such as tampons and pads at no cost to the student.

In a statement released by Murphy, he said,

When students can’t access the menstrual products they need for their reproductive health, the potential stress and stigma too often distracts them from their classes or forces them to skip school entirely – leading to social and academic repercussions that no one should have to face.”  My Administration will continue to prioritize the mental and physical health of New Jersey students by taking a holistic approach to supporting their well-being. Promoting menstrual equity in our schools is one crucial component of our ongoing efforts to ensure the success of young people throughout our state and promote equity at every level.

A study done in 2021 found that nearly a quarter of girls across the country struggle to afford these products.  The challenge is even more difficult in communities of color.  The study found that these challenges create a distraction for students in class and even cause some students to miss school altogether.

The new law requires schools to provide menstrual products in at least half their female and gender-neutral restrooms.  Costs associated with this program will be covered by the state.

New Jersey to require free period products in schools for grades 6 through 12 (msn.com)

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