Most people associate the word tired with their physical condition; i.e. lack of energy, fatigue and/or sleepy.  But there is another way we used the word in our everyday language which falls under “weary or bored” as in we’re tired of the same old________ (you can fill in the blank).

With that in mind and here are some things I am frankly tired of:

  • Anything and everything to do with these mid-term elections which have reached a new low and have me more interested in the election being over than who and what party wins and losses. TV commercials, campaign brochures and more are truly insulting to the voting public but maybe we are getting what we deserve…candidates who simply don’t tell the truth.
  • While on the subject I could do without the political lawn signs that are a blight on some roadways. Is it really necessary for the same candidates to have 10 signs at an intersection?
  • I’m tired of driving past vacant buildings that have been closed for years and have just become eyesores.
  • I’m really tired of watching pro athletes who are much more interested in their individual achievements than those of their team.
  • As a follow-up…I’m tired of pro teams treating fans like suckers by charging outrageous ticket prices for an inferior product. To make matters worse you then pay $50 to park and $20 for a hot door and a beer.  That’s why I choose TV over being there in person and I’m clearly not alone.
  • I’m tired over the constant debate over public school funding in our state. Too many of our schools are falling apart right in front of our eyes because there is no money to fix them.  Schools should be a source of pride in a community.

Everything you just read was from a Hometown View I originally did on November 1, 2018…four years ago.  Tell me how much has changed? 

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