Let's face it driving can be stressful in New Jersey.

There's so much speeding and swerving and zig-zagging. When I'm on the Parkway, it's crazy what I see.

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There laws we have to abide by, wearing your seat belt, do not text while you're driving, and so many more. If you do your make-up while you're driving, yikes. I've seen this while driving several times.

Part of our job is writing articles for WOBM website, So I have to find different things to write about everyday, and I found this article about parking lots in different states.

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There are some states that you might be breaking the law if you pull through an empty parking space in a parking lot.

Is it illegal to pull through an empty parking space in a parking lot in New Jersey?

I've done this a lot, and I'm sure possibly you have. Did I just break the law in New Jersey? Did you?

Good news, it is not illegal in New Jersey. Click here for more information on parking lot etiquette.

Here's an article I read online that include opinions from an expert who in favor of allowing drivers to pull through an empty parking spot in front of them. A spokesperson for Young Drivers of Canada had to say: "Ultimately, our main objective is to avoid backing out when leaving a parking stall. If it’s safe to do so, based on the discretion of the driver and the stall is big enough, then absolutely pull in.”

I guess it's not illegal to pull through an empty parking spot in Canada. Just incase you were wondering.

Ok, bottom line, is it illegal to pull through, Nope. We are all good to pull through, but of course, look both ways and go a little bit slower in parking lots and please make sure no one is walking.

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