Recently, I went to my happy place, Walt Disney World. We all need a little bit of happiness right now.

I wasn't sure if we should cancel, but we didn't. I felt total guilt. I have to be honest, it was a totally different experience than ever because of Covid-19. First, I will not go away again during pandemic unless I have the vaccine and yes I will get the vaccine. The anxiety was way to much to handle, especially before we left. We booked our trip in the Summer, thinking just like everyone else, the pandemic will be long gone, guess not.

By far, the scariest for me was the airport. If you can drive, please do. The airport tried their hardest to have social distancing, but there's just no way once you get on the airplane. I was doubled up with face masks and goggles. My family was doubled up with a N95 mask and another face covering.

If you are going to Disney, I felt very safe there. But, never let your guard down.

Here are my tips if you are traveling:

-If you travel, please try to drive. I realize you will meet up with people along the way at rest stops but it's no way like the airplane ride. There was no social distancing on the airplane. Now, I will say everyone on the plane and in the airport had their face covering on or mask.

-Take your own hand sanitizer and wipes. I even found small cans of Lysol that I could put in my suit case.

-Disney World was very social distanced from the rides skipping seats, markings on the ground, and hand sanitizer everywhere. Restaurants were social distanced with tables in between your party, but we still ate mainly outside.

I probably would have cancelled if it was up to me. I knew it was going to be different. There are no character breakfasts, no character meet-ups, no shows, and no parades. There were no fireworks or light shows at night, it was strange and if I would have to do it again, I wouldn't. All of our photos we are in masks, you can not remove them in Disney for pictures. They are very safe, in my opinion. My daughter and husband were loving every minute, but I was concerned the whole time. It was totally different than any other vacation. I like to get away to forget about things, not worry about anything, and this time - I thought about the pandemic the whole time.

Bottom line, if you have a chance to go away with your family, always make memories, scared or not. But, just take precautions. Just like when you go into a store here in New Jersey, you come out and hand sanitize, that's the same on vacation. You can take hand sanitizer on the air plane. Try not to be scared like me, and enjoy your time.

I'm home safely now and we are all quarantining and getting a Covid test within the next couple of days. And hopefully, we'll all be OK.

A Masked Disney

Thank you to all the healthcare workers, I saw several on vacation and thanked them. They were wearing buttons and Disney was saluting them, I loved that. Just like everyone else, I want life to get back to normal.

Sue Moll
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