Three of the five largest lottery jackpots in U.S. history have been won in the last six months including a $2 billion Powerball one in November in which the drawing did not take place until the next morning due to technical issues.  Keep in mind that jackpot will be reduced to only $997.6 million if the winner takes the cash payout…by the way they still have not come forward and have up until a year to claim their prize.

When these jackpots grow to incredible amounts those of us who normally don’t play will often jump in and purchase tickets by ourselves, with family or even co-workers.  It’s at that time when we fantasize about what we would do if our numbers came in.  Here are five things I can promise I would NOT say either publically or to my family if I won:

  • The money won’t change me.
  • I would like to buy a new car.
  • I think I’ll but a new house.
  • I going to take a vacation.
  • I won’t quit my job but will take some time off.

Don’t confuse this with not doing some of those things but you can be sure I will handle differently:

  • Of course the money will change me. I’ll be happier than ever!
  • I’m not much of a car guy but I’ll call Dave at Causeway Lincoln and order a 2023 Navigator Reserve over the phone.
  • Well I’ll build a new house near the water here and look for one in a warm-weather location for the winter.
  • Vacation? Let’s start with Italy, then Australia.
  • I owe the people I work for some notice before retirement. We can discuss that when it happens.


Of course I would share with my family and donate to my favorite charities.

What if I had to share the jackpot with multiple winners?  I’ll still go to Italy, buy a Lincoln Aviator, build a smaller house and retire in a few months.

Like I said…fantasy!

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