I saw a funny meme on Facebook yesterday:  "Thor Michaelson says NO to vacuums."  It was a photo of an election sign on grass.  It looked just like a typical election campaign lawn sign.  The difference?  This one was clearly about a dog who gets freaked out by loud vacuums.

Since we all may be suffering from a bit of political fatigue, I thought today's topic could be fun and lighthearted.  Let's imagine our pets were running for office.  What would their platform be?  What would they be FOR and what would they be AGAINST?  Pretend you're the campaign manager.  What message would you put on a lawn sign?

My sign would say:  "Taylor Leonard says NO to Inflatable Decorations and YES to Tennis Balls!"  or "A Vote for Taylor is a Vote for Napping on Couches!"

Get where I'm going with this?  Okay, now it's your turn!  What would your pet campaign sign say?

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