And that's not always a good thing.  My nose can sniff out everything.  Yikes, it's horrible sometimes.  But when there are things that smell so good, I have to write about them.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media


This deodorant is the best thing I've smelled in a long time.  It's Dove cool essentials cucumber and green tea.  It's long lasting, delicious and such a fresh smell.  I don't usually get this excited over deodorant, but it's the best!  And I can smell it all day-long.

Some flower scents smell wonderful, the smell of new born babies especially their heads, clean laundry and of course when you put those freshly washed sheets on your bed or maybe that warm vanilla moisturizing cream..there are so many good smells!

What's that one thing in your life that you could smell all day?