Following the recent string of 'swatting' incidents in and around our area, we have had to take a step back and re-evaluate exactly how we investigate and report on these occurrences.   

We realize that responsible journalism carries the weight of reporting situations accurately and promptly. This can be no better exemplified in instances involving human lives.

At the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that repeated police deployments in the past several weeks have involved no risk of human lives whatsoever.

Bomb threats and false reports of violence – swattings – are crimes.

Raising awareness of false alarms has value when communities, and those who risk their lives to protect them, respond with the kind of preparation and professionalism that we have seen repeatedly.

Beyond that point, singling out each instance serves only to hamper law enforcement officials while inadvertently reinforcing the message of the crime.

We have not, and will not, contribute to this syndrome.

If a situation contains circumstances that demand entry into the information we deliver, you can be sure that it will appear. However, we will not report such incidents simply for their own sake.

Swatters, when caught, still get their days in court. That’s the American justice system. Those who admit their actions, and those who are convicted, are criminals. We will not help criminals.

We promise to continue investigating and monitoring these incidents as they occur, but will only broadcast legitimate emergencies.  Should a situation develop that warrants your attention, we may post informative updates via Social Media, however we will exercise restraint until we have facts from an official law enforcement source.

Rest assured that we will not give these criminals what they want, but will continue reporting the most accurate information that is available and relevant to our community.