I got a bit of a shock at the library earlier.  I owed $6 in fines.  Somehow the loan period came and went quickly before I even thought to check the due date.  Oops!  I’d like to say I learned a lesson and won’t make that mistake again, but I’m not really sure.

In hindsight, I could have marked the due date in my phone calendar.  Or I could have hung a reminder on the mirror.   But I didn’t.

With life moving at breakneck speed, I am curious about the best way to keep track of everything.  Do you have a system?  Is there an online tool that you use so all your family members can keep track of appointments and due dates?  Is there a calendar app that you like?

Truth is I’m not upset about the fine.  A "donation" to the Ocean County Library is a donation to a good cause.

But the penalty was preventable...if only I had made a note of the date somewhere.  Any suggestions to keep more organized and on top of things?


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