I had dinner with my nephew who will be graduating college soon.   Conversation was interesting with both of us talking about some of our favorite books.   I told him about the "Five Love Languages" that I recommend everyone read.  He told me about "Thinking Fast and Slow."   Our conversation came at a perfect time.  I had just finished another book I enjoyed and was ready to crack open something new.  His recommended book is now by my bedside.

I thought about the books that I’ve been reading over the past couple of years and they’ve almost all been recommended by people.  Real people in my life.   But I know a guy who swears by www.GoodReads.com.   He has come to rely on reviews by people he has met in that online community.  He knows the readers who have similar tastes and if they recommend a book to him, he can usually trust them.  Another friend follows the New York Times Bestseller List very closely.  If it's atop that list, it will soon be on her bookshelf.

How do you decide what books to read?  Personal recommendations?  The online kind?  Do you enjoy wandering around the store, looking for something that grabs your attention?  Or do you ask an Ocean County Librarian for a suggestion?

If you do most of your reading on a device, do you follow the recommendations of Amazon or a site like GoodReads?


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