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Here at the Jersey Shore we are about 6 weeks away from what is supposed to be the start of the new school  year here in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

Question still is, what will a new school year look like now during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

School officials, teachers, parents and students all have questions and what is the right answer remains to be seen. Some feel kids need to be back in school while others feel it's too risky, we want to see how YOU feel by taking part in our online survey.

Do you think it should be back to school and business as usual? completely remote learning from home? combine some in-person and some remote learning together? in-person with masks or are you undecided? This is a big question and the clock is ticking as back to school approaches. Can our kids afford another year at home? There is a lot to deal with. Education, socialization, sports and parents who will eventually have to get back to work. What is to become of the kids and education here in New Jersey and around the nation?




This is a huge question for our listeners and how they wanna see their kids handled as they head back to school shortly.

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