Technology is fantastic. These days, most of us have a numbers of cell phones in the household, as well as music players, tablets, cameras, and other gadgets. One of the problems, especially with large families - that's a lot of devices that need to be charged!

I saw an interesting statistic that said that the average American has 3.9 chargers. And that's per person. So if we take into consideration a family of four, we're talking about almost a dozen wires and plugs floating around the house.

And of course the biggest problem shows up when Mom, Dad, and the kids all need to power up their gadgets at the same time.

I'm of the opinion that you can't really have too many chargers. Every time you get a new device, they come with new chargers, so that gives you the chance to leave one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom, throw an extra in the car, and maybe even leave one in your desk at work.

Plus, there are a lot of handy travel chargers out there, for when you don't have an outlet nearby and you're just about out of juice.

It can definitely be annoying when different devices use different plugs but, if you ask me, that's just another reason that it can't hurt to have a few extras hanging around.

So how many gadget chargers are in your household? Tell us in the comments!