In full disclosure I am not a big “music guy” so on the surface I’m not really qualified to talk about what is and is not “good music.”  Although regardless of what some think there is no true definition as it’s all a matter of opinion and what an individual person likes or dislikes.

With that said most of what is considered today’s top artists and songs do little for me but again I’m not that much into music and don’t go around with headphones mouthing the words to my favorite songs.  I’ve often said if I was driving cross country  and could only listen to three artists it would be The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young whose live “4 Way Street” album is among my favorites of all time.  The reason I favor music from the 60’s and 70’s is because it brings me back to when I was growing up and like many of you those songs remind you of times in my life.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of artists and bands since then who I do like but getting back to my opening line…I’m not a big “music guy.”

However as bizarre and unorthodox as my music tastes are I do know what I like which is why I was really saddened by the passing of Olivia Newton-John.  I was like 18 years old when she burst on the scene in the mid 1970’s and I think most of us in that age group immediately had a crush on her.  While her early music was mostly ballads she showed a different side with the release of “Physical” and of course there was the movie “Grease” which made her among the most popular performers in the world.  You really didn’t hear much about her after 1990 until it became public that she had breast cancer, a disease she would battle bravely for some 30 years until her death.

If you have never seen “Grease” now would be a good time to watch it.  It’s not one of the greatest movies of all time but it’s fun and if ever there was a time we needed fun this is it.

Rest in peace Sandy and thanks for the memories.


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