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Monmouth County Parks



This may be one of my favorite places to hike during summer. This park offers great sights, but at the same time a break from bugs and brush. One of the drawbacks of summer hiking is getting eaten alive by bugs or risking tick bites. In addition the brush can be a real problem for many. There is a lot of “vegetation” besides poison ivy, that can really affect people and cause allergic reactions. Summer is a prime time for all the above, so Thompson Park is a great way to avoid the “summer itch”.

Thompson Park  is located in Lincroft, Monmouth County. Minutes off the Garden State Parkway (Exit 109) and part of the Monmouth County Parks System.

What I love about Thompson Park is that the trails are paved and well groomed. So you get to walk the beautiful grounds, without the big risk of bites and rash that you often find during summer hiking. Perfect for walking, jogging or biking.

There are several trails at Thompson Park with various lengths so you can make up your own workout depending on the length you want to cover. We did almost 5 miles while out there.

There are maps along with restrooms (portable) at various points. There are picnic areas and playgrounds. We even spotted some kayakers. So it’s a park with multiple opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Thompson Park has quickly become one of my favorite parks here at the Jersey Shore.....we will be back :)

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