Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

In this latest edition of "Hiking New Jersey" April and I took a trip to Burlington County as we visited the Franklin Parker Preserve in Chatsworth. The area of the "preserve" is basically located around cranberry bogs in Chatsworth. In fact one of the ;problems to watch for is flooding of the trails, which we encountered. Not all the trails were flooded, but the one we were doing ended up flooded about two miles into our hike. We switched to another trail and we were able to finish.

The green trail has wider trials, but was flooded at one point. The red trail is in deeper wooded areas with less trail width. Keep in mind if weather is warm you will encounter insects, so bring the bug spray. There are no restrooms or water, so plan accordingly.

Most of the terrain is flat, the red trail has just a lil incline at points....but nothing to bad. There are small parking areas at the two entrances.

"The property is a rare ecological treasure for the East Coast of the United States, containing some of the most beautiful wetlands in the Pine Barrens and providing critical habitat to more than 50 rare, threatened or endangered species."

There are beautiful sights at this "preserve" of the bogs. If you have never seen the "cranberry" industry here in New Jersey, this is a chance to see it up close while getting in a good hike. We did close to 5 miles while there, we hiked parts of the green and red trail.

Check out our video from the Franklin Parker Preserve.

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