You've seen Valentine's Day themed foods before, but I'm sure you haven't seen anything like this.

Kraft is taking Valentine's Day food to the next level and has introduced Candy Macaroni & Cheese, according to People Magazine. What is it exactly? It's mac and cheese that comes with

an extra candy packet that turns the mac and cheese a bright pink color and adds a dusting of sweetness.

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Did you ever think you'd hear the words pink, candy, and mac and cheese together in the same sentence? I'm struggling to think of what this would even taste like. Here's a pic featured in the People Magazine article from Kraft's Instagram Page.

So, what do you think of this? Would you like to try pink candy mac and cheese, or will you pass on this one? If you are daring enough to try it, you won't be able to find this one in stores. The article from People mentions that you can only win this rosy confection pasta - and they're only giving away 1,000 boxes. Check out the official website for more details, and to enter to win.

As for me, I don't think I would be trying candy mac and cheese anytime soon. I'll stick with my Reese's hearts. But if you're a lucky winner, I'd love to hear about what it tastes like!

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