Whenever we talk about the Old Farmer's Almanac predictions, we do have to take them with a grain of salt.

It is, of course, very difficult to predict the weather a week in advance, not to mention months in advance.

So, with that being said, get some grains of salt ready and let's see what they're saying Summer 2019 will look like for us.

Actually, before we look ahead, let's look back.

Last summer, the Old Farmer's Almanac (which I'm going to call "OFE" going forward, because let's be honest, that's considerably easier to type) said that winter 2018-2019 would feature "above normal temperatures", "slightly above normal precipitation", and "below normal snowfall".

Sitting here in early spring 2019 and looking back at this past winter, they were pretty darn close, weren't they?

So, what about summer 2019?

The OFE (that really is a lot easier) is saying that the Northeast has this to look forward to:

Summer will be rainier and cooler than normal, with the hottest periods in late June, early July, and early to mid-August.

In the time that I've been sharing the OFE's long-range predictions, they've been pretty hit and miss, so I wouldn't go and make or break summer vacation plans based on a prediction made in April, but once fall rolls around it'll be interesting to look back and see how close they were.



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