Have you ever thought of going all ultra-romantic and actually getting your "one true love" everything from "The 12 Days Of Christmas" song? If so, I hope you've saved up. Here's what it'll set you back:

According to PNC Wealth Management's annual Christmas Price Index, getting everything from the song will cost you a cool $155,407.18 (those extra 18 cents are the real killer).

The most expensive items this year are:

Seven swans-a-swimming, which will cost you $13,125.

Nine ladies dancing. That's going to set you back $7,552.84.

Ten lords-a-leaping. They come at a price of $5,508.70.

However, the partridge for your pear tree? That comes in at a relative bargain! Only $25.

So, if you really want to go all in on everything and make a heck of an impression, I hope you've saved up this year!

You can check out the full list by clicking here.